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The Spanish-American War between Spain and the United states arose in 1898 because of political discontent in Cuba, then subject to Spanish rule. Early in 1898 the American battleship Maine was dispatched to Havana and on Feb. 15 a terrible explosion caused its destruction and loss of 266 men.

The first important battle was fought at Manila Bay, in May, Commodore George Dewey having been sent to the Philippine Islands to capture or destroy the Spanish ships. Manila was captured August 13, and the Philippine Islands were lost to Spain.

In Cuba, the Battle of Santiago in July won a decisive victory for the American army, General Shafter had charge of the land forces, Admirals Sampson and Schley blockaded the coast. The Rough Riders, commanded by Col. Leonard Wood and Lieut. Theodore Roosevelt won distinction in the battles of San Juan and El Caney. Porto Rico was secured by Gen.. Nelson A. Miles shortly after the Battle of Santiago.

The war lasted 113 days and cost the United States $165,000,000. Spain relinquished all rights to Cuba, which became free and independent, but under the protection of the U.S. Spain surrendered Porto Rico, Guam and the Philippine Islands to the W.S. The sum of $20,000,000 was paid for the Philippines.

The war caused the United States to be recognized as a factor in the Far East, and to have a new importance among the world powers.

There is no Spanish-American organization in Albion, although a number of the veterans reside in the city and vicinity.

Frank W. Koth
J.B. Foote
Alvin Dice
O.J. Cassna
William Gleason
Fred J. Stankraus
B.J. Blanchard
Bert Gardner

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