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The Albion Pastors’ Association, 1930

The Albion Pastors’ Association

The Albion Pastors’ Association was organized at a meeting of local pastors, held at the manse of the First Presbyterian Church, June 2, 1930. At that meeting the following ministers were present: Rev. Robert E. Brown, First M.E. Church; Rev. William P. Pearce, First Baptist Church; Rev. F.H. Eglinsdorfer, Evangelical Salem Church; Re. Adolph Spiegel, St. Paul’s Lutheran Church; Rev. Dora L. Robinson, Church of God; Rev. C.G. Young, Bethel Baptist Church (colored); Rev. R.U. Ferguson, A.M.E. Church (colored); Rev. S. Conger Hathaway, First Presbyterian Church.

For the consideration of all matters of mutual interest to the pastors of the local churches it was decided to organize under the name of THE ALBION PASTORS’ ASSOCIATION. Rev. A.G. Spiegel was elected president and Rev. S. Conger Hathaway, secretary. These officers were re-elected at a meeting held in October, 1931, and are the present incumbents. The association meets quarterly on the first Monday of January, April, July and October; intermediate meetings are held at the call of the president and secretary. All meetings, unless otherwise specified, are held in the First M.E. Church House on East Erie Street.

Local pastors at the present time who are members of this association are as follows: Rev. Robert E. Brown, Rev. A.G. Spiegel, Rev. S. Conger Hathaway, Rev. C.G. Young (colored), whose pastorates are indicated above; Rev. Robert H. Byler, pastor, First Baptist Church; Rev. W.T. Wilking, pastor, Evangelical Salem Church; Father J.V. Coyle, pastor, St.John’s Catholic Church; Rev. Gordon V. Smith, pastor, St. James Episcopal; Father Nikanor A. Sokoloff, pastor, Russian Orthodox Greek Catholic Ascension Church; Rev. G.W. Palmer, pastor, Church of God; E.L. Cox, pastor, Albion Free Methodist Society; First Church of Christ, Scientist, no pastor, E.A. Meade, Reader, Mrs. Louise Gillette, Second Reader; Rev. J.A. Dean, pastor, A.M.E. Church (colored); Rev. Anderson Scott, pastor, A.M.E. Zion, Leggett Chapel (colored).

Brief histories of some of the leading churches and life sketches of their respective pastors are given, the smaller churches are being served by conscientious, Christian men, and though their groups are smaller, they are doing splendid work.

Source: Miriam Krenerick, Milestones and Memories, 1932. 128