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Leisure Hour Club, 1895

Leisure Hour Club
By C.E. Marsh

Incorporated under the laws of Michigan, February 1, 1895, “for the purpose of association and for the promotion of social intercourse among its members and the providing for them the conveniences of a club house.”

Charter members: M.D. Galloway, H.M. Dearing, R.J. Frost, H.D. Thomason, W.S. Kessles, I.L. Sibley, M.D. Weeks, V.J. Tefft, W.P. Robertson, Frank E. Palmer, W.B. Knickerbocker, E.L. Parmeter, Earle Knight, H.R. Stoepel, D.A. Garfield and B.D. Vaughn.

The first four years the club occupied the second and third floors of the corner building next to Blaisdell’s Clothing Store, moving into its present quarters on the first floor of the club house at the corner of Clinton and Porter Streets, on February 22, 1999

The first officers were: W.B. Knickerbocker, president; R.J. Frost, vice-president; Earle Knight, secretary; H.M. Dearing, treasurer. Among its past presidents are: Dr. Frank Palmer, L.E. White, H.R. Stoepel, Alvin Dice, Eugene F. Slowey, Fred Blanchard, Lester Blaisdell, Carl Mounteer. Officers (1931-1932) C.E. Marsh, president; Frank Koth, vice-president; Karl H. Miller, secretary; J.A. Richards, treasurer

Source: Krenerick, Miriam. Albion’s Milestones and Memories. Albion, MI: Art Craft Press. 1932. 82