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High School News
    Disbanded April 1885

The first high school newspaper, The High School News, a monthly publication produced by the Class of 1884, appearedon March 1884. Only the June 1884 commencement issue is known to exist. Editor was Charles Edson Gay Peabody (son of James W. Peabody), with Blanche W. Plough (Mrs. P.I. Edwards) as assistant editor. The entire class of twelve persons was involved in the project; each was assigned a particular reporting job. The paper was financed by local advertisements, and was printed on 12 1/2 X 8 1/2 inch size paper. The News

was well written, professional looking, and offered a wide variety of topics, such as: school news, alumni news, literarynotes, a letter from a former teacher who served as a missionary in China, humorous columns, and others. TheNews was turned over to the Class of 1885, and one copy, April 1885 (Vol II, No 4) was partially printed in the February 1919 issue of theBreeze. No other copies are known to exist.>

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