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Zoning Board of Appeals

Purpose: To hear appeals and make decisions necessary for the enforcement of the Zoning Ordinance.

Established: MCL Section 125.585 provides the statutory basis for this important five-member board to consider appeals from administrative decisions usually in the zoning area. It does not mention residency as a prerequisite to appointment. The old zoning ordinance, Section 30-76, still provides authority for the Albion Zoning Board of Appeals which should consist of seven regular members and two alternates. This number is more than allowed by statute and the statute should be followed.

Membership: Seven voting members at large and two alternates (no City officials may serve on this board). Appointed by Mayor with confirmation by City Council.

Term: Three years

Meetings: Second Wednesday of the month at 5:00 p.m.

Compensation: None

Precinct, Name, Address, Appointed, Expires
6, Jean Taylor, 1111 Rivers Bend Dr., 01/20/1998, 12/31/2003
4, Holly Zblewski, 206 Chestnut, 12/17/2001, 12/31/2002
2, Carl Dewar, 409 N. Superior, 01/20/1998, 12/31/2003
4, Floyd Dean, 415 E. Cass, 12/17/2001, 12/31/2004
3, Ron Rice, 910 Irwin Ave., 12/20/1999, 12/31/2003
3, Dorothy Kaiser, 800 S. Eaton, 12/20/1999, 12/31/2002
3, Nora Loukides, 604 Irwin Ave., 01/22/2002, 12/31/2004

2, Robert Walker, 411 Washington, 12/17/2001, 12/31/2004
6, Walter Swyers, 302 E. Porter, 12/17/2001, 12/31/2002

Source: City of Albion, 2001.