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Tax Increment Finance Authority

Purpose: To finance public improvements within a TIFA district by allocation of tax increment revenue, to assist with redevelopment or new development of industrial properties within the district, to sell “tax allocation bonds” as necessary to assist public improvements within the district.

Established: By resolution of the City Council on May 3, 1982

Membership, Term, Meetings, and Compensation: Same as the EDC Board

Precinct, Name, Address or Position, Appointed, Expires
6, William Stoffer, chair, 421 Elizabeth, 06/1996, 07/01/2002
Rick Munger, 319 E. Michigan Ave., 07/16/2001, 07/01/2006
4, William Wheaton, 519 Division, 12/2000, 07/01/2003
Joyce Spicer, 27909 Condit Rd., 06/1996, 07/01/2002
Ed Haas, 2771 Country Club Way, 07/16/2001, 07/01/2006
3, Ray Campbell, 712 Irwin Ave., 07/1994, 07/01/2006
Robert Herwarth, Albion Machine and Tool, 08/1999, 07/01/2005
Arlin Ness, Starr Commonwealth, 06/1995, 07/01/2006
Dale Dopp, Albion College, 07/1996, 07/01/2002

Ex-officio non-voting members: Mayor William Wheaton, Chamber of Commerce President Sue Marcos, Albion Township Supervisor Tom Frank, Sheridan Township Supervisor, Ken Lauer

Source: City of Albion, 2001.