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Starr Task Force

Purpose: To develop and engender intergovernmental cooperation and constructive improvements in the quality of life for City of Albion and Sheridan Township residents.

Established: 1989

Membership: Albion mayor, city manager, and one at large City of Albion resident; Sheridan Township supervisor, assessor, and trustee. NOTE: The Task Force is hosted by Starr Commonwealth Schools and Star Commonwealth staff provide assistance and support for Task Force discussions.

Term: No definite term established

Meetings: As needed; no regular sessions

Compensation: None

Member, Position, Address, Phone
Kim Tunnicliff, Albion mayor, 708 E. Erie, 629-8184
Michael Herman, Albion city manager
Victor Burstein, Albion resident, 1004 Locust Lane, 629-4606
Kenneth Lauer, Sheridan Township supervisor, 629-2604
Chris Smith, Starr Task Force Coordinator, 629-5591

Source: City of Albion, 2001.