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Planning Commission

Purpose: Possesses powers and functions required of Planning Commissions under the provisions of PA 285 or 1931, State of Michigan, as amended, including but not limited to, comprehensive planning, initiating zoning amendments, granting special use permits and planned unit developments (under certain situations), and recommending the Public Improvements Program.

Established: This nine-member commission is provided by Charter Section 8.14 and MCL Section 125.33. The statute does not impose a residency requirement on appointment. The Charter, however, requires that the six persons, whom the Mayor appoints and the Council confirms, have the qualifications of a City elector. Residency is, therefore, required for appointment to the Planning Commission. The other three members are the Mayor, a Councilperson and a City Administrative officer.

Membership: Nine voting members, including the Mayor and one Councilmember (appointed annually) and one staff member. One member may be a non-resident, with the consent of the Council, who possesses an interest in planning in the City of Albion. Appointed by Mayor with confirmation by City Council.

Term: Three years

Meetings: Third Wednesday at 7 p.m.

Compensation: None

Precinct, Name, Address or Position, Appointed, Expires
5, Blanche Wilson, 1114 Wiener Dr., 01/20/1998, 12/31/2003
6, George Strander, 417 E. Erie, 12/18/2000, 12/31/2003
6, Mary Hunt, 506 Linden Ave., 12/20/1999, 12/31/2002
3, Dr. Myron Levine, 701 Orchard Dr., 12/20/1999, 12/31/2002
3, Ray Campbell, 712 Irwin Ave., 12/31/2004
4, Melissa Wyss, 909 Maple, 12/17/2001, 12/31/2004

Ex-officio Voting Members
3, Kevin Markovich, City Staff*, 01/24/2002, 12/31/2004
4, William Wheaton, Mayor, Automatic, Automatic
6, Sue Klepper, Councilperson, 12/17/2001, 12/31/2002

*Administrative officer appointed by City Manager

Source: City of Albion, 2001.

Wilbur A. Johnson, Chairman
Lloyd F. Kusch, Secretary
Norman H. Wiener, Mayor
Charles E. Hughes, City Councilman
Hugo A. Rieger, City Engineer
Mr. I.R. Swansoin
Mr. J.E. McIntosh
Mrs. L. Ward Davis
Mr. H.R. Gable

H.R. Gable, Chairman
Lloyd F. Kusch,, Secretary
Norman H. Wiener, Mayor
Charles E. Hughes, City Councilman
H.A. Rieger, City Engineer
Ivar R. Swanson
James E. McIntosh
Mrs. L. Ward Davis
William R. Blommel

Roy Gable, Chairman
Gardner Lloyd, Secretary
Norman Wiener
Charles Hughes
H.A. Rieger
Jim McIntosh
Mrs. Ward Davis
Albert Schumacher
(one vacany)

Ray Gable, Chairman
Gardner Lloyd, Secretary
Norman Wiener
Charles Hughes
H.A. Rieger
Jim McIntosch
Mrs. Ward Davis
Albert Schumacher
one vacancy

During the year Otis Myers who was chairman of the Planning Commission resigned. Frank Dean was appointed as acting chairman. Also, Tom Lloyd and Wilbur Johnson resigned. No replacements were appointed.

The Commission conveyed to the Council their recommendation for the continuation of the study and completion of the Master Plan for the City of Albion, as proposed by Civil Engineers Incorporated, of Detroit, Michigan.

The advisability and necessity of widening Austin Avenue was discussed. It was suggested to the Council that a further traffic survey be made along the North Superior-Austin Avenue (US-12) route to substantiate the nee for widening.

There were four requests for re-zoning, one of which was granted.

Four of six members of the Commission approved platting seven lots in a proposed subdivision bounded by Hannah Street, Locust Lane and Haven road. The plat was proposed by Frank Dean who has been developing this area since 1953.

Present members: Mrs. L. Ward Davis, Mayor Rieger, Frank Dean, James Swan, James McIntosh, Albert Schumacher.

Mrs. L. Ward Davis
Mayor Rieger
Frank Dean
James Swan
James McIntosch
Albert Schumacher