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Public Safety Pension Board

Purpose: Overseeing the State regulations governing Act 345 pensions for the Public Safety Department

Established: This highly specialized board is a creature of the State statute, MCL Section 38.551 et seq. It provides that the treasurer of the local municipality is a member of the Pension Board. Two further members (one each) are elected from the police and fire departments. Two other members are appointed by the local legislative body of the municipality affected by the Act 345 Pension. No member is to receive compensation for serving.

Membership: Membership shall consist of the City Clerk/Treasurer/Finance Director, two members elected from the Public Safety Department and two members at large. At large members appointed by Mayor with confirmation by City Council.

Term: Four years, Public Safety Representatives elected for four year staggered terms.

Meetings: Monthly, or on call

Compensation: None

Precinct Members Position Appointed Expires
1, Galen Schultz, Public Safety Representative, 09/19/1994, 12/31/2002
5, Lt. Eric Miller, Public Safety Representative, 01/29/1998, 12/31/2004
3, Marvin Ittner*, 817 Irwin Ave., 12/17/2001, 12/31/2005
Janet Lazar* Lansing, MI 12/20/1999 12/31/2003
5, E. Jo King Clerk/Treasurer/Finance Dir., (member by virtue of office)

*Appointed by Mayor & Council

Source: City of Albion, 2001.