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Human Relations Committee

Purpose: To foster mutual understanding and respect among all racial and nationality groups in the City of Albion. To advise and recommend methods of furnishing equal service to all residents within the City. To study and examine problems arising between groups. (See Section 2-173 of the City Code for further detailed description.)

Established: By Ordinance (City Code 1980, 64.1)

Membership: Twelve members appointed by the mayor with City Council approval. Members shall be representative of management and labor, of the Protestant, Jewish and Catholic faiths, of white and nonwhite races, students and youth, male and female gender and other segments in the community interested in human relations. One councilperson who acts as a liaison between Council and the committee will serve as a non-voting ex-officio member, voting only when necessary to break a tie.

Term: Three years (Upon death or resignation, appointee serves for the remainder of the unexpired term.)

Meetings: As necessary at the call of the chairperson

Compensation: None

Precinct, Members, Address
5, Octavia Turner, 209 Ford Rd.
Marjorie Turner
1, Bessie Mitchell, 312 W. Broadwell
5, Vivian Davis, 901 Huntington Blvd.
2, Gwyen Fountain, 402 W. Chestnut
3, Sharon Ponds, 209 Irwin Ave.
Mark Milioni, 11140 29 Mile Rd.
4, William Yacko, 912 N. Superior
5, David Leffew, 216 Miller Dr.
1, Andrew Kooi, 1017 Wiener Dr.
1, Carrie Miller, 115 Austin Ave.

Source: City of Albion, 2001.