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Electrical Board

Purpose: Examination of journeymen, master electricians and electrical contractors named in application for licenses for approval or renewal. The Board has the power to approve or revoke licenses for good and just cause.

Established: This board is a result of ordinance – Code Section 18-90. It requires knowledge of electricity and associated matters. It spells out exactly who may serve on the board and specifies that all must be residents of Calhoun County.

Membership: Five members consisting of (1) electrical contractor, (1) member of the Department of Public Safety, (1) electrical energy supply representative, (1) at large member, and the Building Inspector (which is chairman and will keep minutes). All members shall be residents of the County.

Term: Serve at the pleasure of the Council. Appointed by Mayor with confirmation by City Council.

Meetings: On call, but at least quarterly

Compensation: None

Members, Position
Chris Reasoner, Consumers Energy
Lt. Johnnie Collins, Department of Public Safety
John Harden, Chairman, City Inspector
Harry Cousins, Electrical Contractor
James Haskins, Citizen at Large

Source: City of Albion, 2001.