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Albion City Band

Photo circa 1930s. Front row, left to right: Robert Liewellyn, Henry Hobus, LavereOxenrider, Charles E. Dernier, Gustav Bohm, Floyd Eastman, Rolland Manchester, Rex Barnes. Middle Row: Tuba player unidentified, Hub Gaskell, Joe Torrey, GeorgeFarley, James Blanchard, Herbert Miller, Frank Randall, Robert Gaskell. Back Row: Bert Cornell,Melvin Lindley, Edward Klein, Steve Matechek, Robert Oderkirk, Rolland Merritt, Forest Chappel.

Albion City Band, circa 1930s.

Source: Frank Passic. A Pictorial History of Albion, Michigan; From the Archives of the Albion Historical Society. Dallas, Texas: Curtis Media Corporation. 1991.