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Albion Housing Commission
    Mission: To ensure safe, decent, and affordable; create opportunities for residents’ self-sufficiency and economic dependence; and assure fiscal integrity by all program participants. In order to achieve this mission we will:Recognize the resident as our ultimate customerImprove PHA management and service delivery efforts through oversight, assistance and selective intervention by highly skilled diagnostics and results oriented field personnelSeek problem solving partnerships with PHA, residents, community and government leadershipAct as an agent for change when performance is unacceptable and we judge that local leadership is not capable or committed to improvement.Efficiently apply limited HUD resources by using risk assessment techniques to focus our oversight effort

Established: The Housing Commission takes its shape from both statute and ordinance. MCL Section 125.654, et seq, provides the authority for local government to create housing commissions. The five-member commission is appointed by the chief administrative officer of the City. No residency requirement is made by the statute. Albion Code Section 2-212 also empowers the Mayor to appoint the Housing Commission members and the code sections dealing with the Housing Commission do not require residency.

Membership: Five voting members plus the Executive Director. Members appointed by Mayor

Term: Five years

Compensation: None

Precinct, Members, Address/Position, Appointed, Expires
1, Ann Kemp, Executive Director, 1300 Cooper St., Expires 08/01/1999
1, Joyce Washington, 704 W. Broadwell, 08/03/1998, 07/01/2003
1, Joe Caldwell, 1204 State St., 08/02/1999, 07/01/2004
6, Larry Williams, 110 River St., 09/01/2000, 07/01/2005
4, Odessa Brown, 115 W. Pine St., 02/05/2001, 07/01/2006
4, William Wheaton, 519 Division St., 03/09/1997, 07/01/2002

Source: City of Albion, 2001.