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Albion Building Authority
    Purpose: The responsibilities of the Authority include, but are not limited to, the acquisition, ownership, maintenance, furnishing, equipping, improving or renovating of an existing building or facility or the construction of a new building or facility. Currently, the Authority manages Maple Grove Appartments, a City-owned housing project for elderly and/or handicapped persons.

Established: The ABA is a creature of statute. MCL Section 123.951, et seq, governs the creation of a building authority by a municipality. It is accomplished by the municipality adopting articles of incorporation. No member of the governing body of an incorporating unit of an authority is eligible for membership on the authority. Albion adopted its authority’s articles of incorporation on May 17, 1978 with Resolution 5-D-78. The three members of the governing board are called commissioners and are elected by the Council. No residency for membership is required. The articles were amended in 1998 to increase the commission membership to five and to provide that one commissioner would be a Maple Grove tenant. No other residency is required by the amended articles. Residency of the appointees to this board is within the discretion of the appointing authority.

Membership: Five voting members appointed by the Major with confirmation by City Council. One member to be a tenant of Maple Grove Apartment.

Term: Three years

Meetings: Quarterly, and as needed

Compensation: None

Name, Position or Address, Appointed, Expires
E. Jo King, Clerk/Treasurer/Finance Director, 08/17/1998, 06/30/2003
Lois McClure-White, 900 Irwin Ave., 06/18/2001, 06/30/2004
Jeff Bell, Homestead Bank, Expires 06/30/2004
Mabel Butler Maple Grove Apts., Expires 06/30/2004
Michael Herman, 05/03/1999, 06/30/2002

Source: City of Albion, 2001.