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Camp Fire Girls
By Marguerite Shilling

Camp Fire was organized in March, 1912, is an international organization, and, according to the annual report of 1930, approximately 1,130,000 girls have been members of Camp Fire since its inception. The active membership for 1930 was 236,643. This includes Camp Fire girls, guardians and assistants, National and Local Executives, and Blue Birds, the little sisters of Camp Fire. Of this number 209,980 were Camp Fire girls and Blue Birds

Camp Fire was first organized in Albion in the fall of 1916. Miss Pemberton was guardian of this group, composed of between fifteen and twenty eight grade girls. In 1917 Mrs. Ray Fox became the guardian and worked with them for four years. These girls had three camping trips, two at Eaton Rapids and one of Duck Lake.

Another group composed of seventh grade girls was organized about the same time with Mrs. Gertrude Stetler as guardian, followed by Miss Minnie Krotzer. Since that time, other groups in Albion have been organized under the leadership of teachers, young women from the city and college, also through the churches and the schools.

Camp Fire has been growing noticeably in Albion since 1927, when in April, a new group of seventh grade girls was organized with Miss Ethelyn Foote as guardian, she had also been a member of the first group organized in Albion in 1916, this is the present “Cholena Camp Fire.” In November, 1927, the “Gustakahani Camp Fire” was organized with the Misses Roberta Foote and Elrington Hardie as guardians, who remained until the fall of 1929, and were followed by Miss Elaine Abbott. A

At present there are six active groups in Albion, which have a combined membership of 78 girls from sixth to twelfth grades.

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