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Albion Teachers’ Club
By Pearl Stephens

Teachers, as well as other, professional people, need a local organization to further their advancement socially, intellectually, and professionally. This is the function of the Albion Teachers’ Club.

The object of the club is to secure for its members whatever advantages, social and intellectual, can be derived from cooperation; to advance the welfare of the teaching profession; to promote a feeling of fellowship among teachers, and to create in the community at large a deeper sense of the importance of the interests which the teachers represent.

Since its organization the club has become affiliated with the State Federation of Teachers’ Clubs and with the Albion Federation of Women’s Clubs. By so doing it has enlarged its field of interests and today is one of the really progressive clubs of Albion.

In 1927 the Albion Teachers’ Club was instrumental in bringing before its members the importance of group insurance for teachers. Representatives of several insurance companies addressed the members, explaining the group insurance plan. As a result the club now has a master policy with individual certificates for all members who wish this protection and who pay their own premiums.

Amendments regarding the Teachers’ Retirement Fund in Michigan were supported by the club and representatives were sent to the sessions of the state legislature.

A resolution was formulated, and on October 26, 1931, presented by the club president, W.W. Strait, to the assembly of the Eighth District of the Michigan Educational Association at Kalamazoo, that the section of the constitution relating to the representative assembly of the M.E.A. be revised to give more equal representation with respect to the class room teacher and administrator. At the business meeting the following day an amendment to this effect was adopted.

The Albion Teachers’ Club has always taken an active part in the various charitable projects of the city and school, paying its share in contributions to the community chests and other worthwhile purposes. This year (1931-1932) the club voted that 1% of the salaries of teachers and supervisors be educated, starting October 30, 1931, and continuing throughout the school year, for the purpose of helping Albion’s needy school children.

The Teachers’ Club membership boasts the entire faculty of the Albion public schools. The club has a 100% membership in the National Educational Association, the Michigan Educational Association, and the Calhoun County Teachers’ Association.

The officers this year are (1931-1932): president, W.W. Strait; vice president, Miss Katharine McCormick; secretary-treasurer, Miss Lillian Skoog.

The past club presidents since 1919 are as follows:
Mrs. Ethel Fowler, 1920-1921
Mrs. Eunice Morrison-Dicer, 1921-1922
Mrs. Irene Luther Fall, 1922-1923
Mrs. Gladys Parker Bolich, 1923-1924
Floyd Lords, 1924-1925
Mrs. Inez Tyler, 1925-1927
W.C. Harton, 1927-1929;
Miss Belle Pratt, 1929-1931

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