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Frank Passic, Presenting 25 Years of the Albion Civic Foundation, 1993

1. The Vision Realized, p1
2. By the Old Mill Stream, p18
3. Downtown and Community Development, p27
4. Culture, Arts, and Youth, p36
5. Organization and Board of Trustees, p41
6. Grants and Financial Growth, p51

Author’s Preface
“Albion’s Goodwill Ambassador,” Thomas T. Lloyd, established the Albion Civic Foundation in 1968. The Foundation was organized for the betterment of the Albion community, and sicne 1970 has funded more than 200 different projects totalling more than $425,000. The Board of Trustees has authorized this commemorative book for its 25th anniversary in recognition of the hundreds of donors, volunteers, and participants who have been involved in some way or another in the history or programs of the Foundation. For those who are unaware of the Foundation’s diverse philanthropic activities, this book will educate its readers about the purpose, practices, and participation of the Foundation in the community of Albion.

The programs funded and assisted by the Albion Civic Foundation have made an indelible mark on the fabric of our community, touching all types of people of allages in the city in which we work, live, and play. Whether it be a concert by the Albion Community Band, a summer recreation program for the youth of the community, or reading materials for the Albion Literacy Council, the Albion Civic Foundation has been there, funding an array of projects which are over and avoce the normal operating funds of specific groups.

Albion is truly fortunate to have a growing, progressive, and visionary organization such as the Albion Civic Foundation in its midst. Let us review the impact the Foundation has had in community development, enrichment, cultural events, activities for all ages, education, and the beautification of Albion. The Albion Civic Foundation is truly a dream come true – the dream of its founder, Thomas T. Lloyd – for Albion and its residents.

For a community of Albion’s size, the Foundation has built up an impressive permanent endowment fund which it seeks to increase in order to even better serve the people of the Albion area. As the reader learns of the accomplishments of the Foundation in these pages, it will be readily recognized that the Albion Civic Foundation is truly Albion’s Endowment Fund, worthy of community-wide support.

Frank Passic
Albion Historian
Summer, 1993