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This Day in History


1, President Dickie announces canceling of college debt at New Years Day church service (1903)
1, Drinking age lowered in Michigan to 18 (1972)
2, Dalrymple School first opened for students, West Ward becomes an all black school (1918)
3, Classes begin at new Crowell School (1956)
4, Voters approve bond for west addition to high school, 617 to 378 (1922)
6, Small fire in Albion College Central Building caused by defective chimney flue (1892)
8, Floyd Starr accepts request for divorce from wife Harriett Armstrong (1918)
8, Fire destroys Emily Jewel Clark School Building at Starr Commonwealth (1936)
9, First game of basketball in Albion (1897)
9, Lively forum on Urban Renewal held at Dalrymple Elementary, with city officials and over 300 citizens present (1964)
12, Fire occurs at the East Ward School (1887)
12, Fire of unknown origin destroys Old Gymnasium, renovated and reopened as a cafeteria in the fall (1922)
12, School Board requests $100,000 in bonds for construction of a new building (1928)
12, Black players walk off AHS Basketball team, publish grievances in Recorder (1970)
14, Helen Keller visits Albion and gives lecture (1914)
15, M.A. Daugherty’s Addition to the Village of Albion registered (1874)
15, First issue of high school newspaper, The Breeze, published (1906)
15, Ground broken for Baldwin Hall (1951)
16, College “Jubilee Day” celebrates canceling of college debt (1903)
18, School Board names new elementary building Crowell School (1955)
18, College passes proposal to eliminate chapel services (1971)
18, President Laird greeted by chorus of hissing, boos, catcalls, and stamping of feet at chapel service, walks out and leaves Albion College forever (1924)
19, J.G. Wright’s Addition to the Village of Albion registered (1872)
21, Sackett addition to the City of Albion registered (1895)
21, Voters approve bond issue 369 to 141 (1928)
21, Laird submits resignation to Board of Trustees at special meeting in Detroit, Frederic Goodrich named president pro tem (1924)
22, Public School superintendent Walkotten announces plans to retire in June (1960)
26, Air raid drills start in Albion schools (1942)
27, Albion College President Jocelyn died at 1:45am (1877)
28, Fire at Newton Hall on campus of Starr Commonwealth (1924)
28, Former Albion College President John L. Seaton dies (1961)
29, Albion College trustees change school colors from pink and green to gold and purple (1919)
30, President Jocelyn laid to rest at Riverside Cemetery (1877)


3, City Council passes “human relations ordinances” that discourages housing segregation (1964)
4, Pleiad announces air crew to leave in the spring (1944)
5, Goodrich Club holds open house to celebrate its 50th anniversary (1983)
6, Housing forum sponsored by the Albion Chamber of Commerce (1969)
6, Inauguration of Bernard T. Lomas as 12th President of Albion College (1971)
8, Washington Gardner High School dedicated (1928)
9, Albion Urban Renewal Replat No. 1 registered (1970)
11, Former West Ward School property given to City, transformed into Holland Park (1969)
12, Pleiad announces Albion College to instruct army pre-flight cadets (1943)
14, President Fiske dies (1901)
17, Albion College’s President Jocelyn submits resignation (1869)
18, Michigan Legislature approves creation of the Female Collegiate Institute (1850)
18, Schumacher Addition to the City of Albion Registered (1914)
19, Funeral for President Fiske held at the Fiske home in Albion (1901)
20, Ground broken for Kresge Gymnasium (1925)
21, Prospect Hill Addition to Albion registered (1935)
21, New north addition opened at North School (1955)
25, Founders Day – Amendment of charter to create Albion College (1861)
27, Fire sweeps through Dean Hall (1937)


1, Deed acquired to create Albion’s Starr Commonwealth campus (1913)
1, Maple Ridge Subdivision registered (1948)
4, David Starr graduates cum laude from Albion College (1935)
5, David Starr marries Elta Arber at Gladsome Cottage (1935)
6, $2.1 million bond issue for Senior High fails 1117 to 664 (1961)
8, Great Flood demolishes several bridges and buildings suspended over the Kalamazoo River (1908)
12, State charter creates Albion Public Schools (1885)
13, Highland Park Addition to the City of Albion registered (1907)
14, Common Council passes resolution granting college right to Union Square (1893)
15, Methodist Educational Advance campaign completed (1923)
17, During convocation students urged to recruit new students to college (1903)
18, Sheridan Heights Addition registered (1952)
21, Albion Urban Renewal Replat No. 2 registered (1972)
22, Creation of Sigma Pi chapter of Kappa Delta (1923)
24, Michigan House of Representatives passes Resolution No. 678 honoring the 75th Anniversary of Starr Commonwealth (1988)
25, Mary Katherine clinic/social service center dedicated at Starr Commonwealth (1963)
26, Public School superintendent Walkotten dies of heart attack before planned retirement in June (1960)
27, Superintendent Lantz resigns replaced by 9th Superintendent Jack Meeder (1970)
30, Warner and Church Addition registered (1837)
31, Former U.S. Senator Washington Gardner died at the age of 83 (1928)


1, April Fools Day
1, Albion Township organized (1840)
5, President Lomas announces a $75,000 challenge grant from the Kresge Foundation (1971)
6, First Honors Convocation held in 15 years (1978)
8, Addition to Dalrymple School opened (1952)
8, Melvin L. Vulgamore announced as Albion College’s 13th president (1983)
11, Groundbreaking for Chapel in the Woods at Starr Commonwealth (1949)
11, Albion High School debate team wins Class A state championship (1964)
11, Citizen’s River Clean Up Committee organizes crew to remove debris from the Kalamazoo River (1970)
12, Charter establishing Wesleyan Seminary (1839)
12, Ground broken for Stockwell Memorial Library (1937)
12, John Schuring named acting superintendent of Public Schools (1960)
14, Dr. Louis William Norris inaugurated president of Albion College (1961)
16, Albion College President and Dean of Students accept new housing plan from Student Senate (1971)
17, Albion College chaplain Frederic S. Goodrich dies (1948)
18, Huntington Hills plat registered (1967)
20, Bond issues passes for addition to Dalrymple School and construction of new elementary (1950)
22, Original land grant of 65 acres given to the Wesleyan Seminary (1840)
22, First School Board meeting of the Albion Public Schools (1885)
23, President Seaton’s wife passes away (1946)
23, Dedication of the new Albion College science complex (1970)
24, President Ashley’s connection to Albion severed, Samuel Dickie named president pro tem (1901)
25, Funeral service for wife of President Seaton (1946)
26, Rally supporting Spanish American War at 5:30am in front of Sigma Chi fraternity house (1898)
26, Inauguration of Dr. William Whitcomb Whitehouse as 10th president of Albion College (1946)
26, Executive Committee recommends John L. Seaton as 9th President of Albion College (1924)
31, Public Library grand opening (1919)


1, Floyd Elliot Starr born (1883)
1, Methodist Church votes to send resolution to Albion College asking to include a new Methodist church in chapel plans (1939)
1, Floyd Starr Day celebrated at St. Regis hotel (1973)
1, Retirement reception for North School principal Frances Caldwell, School Board votes to rename the school in her honor (1977)
2, Gale Addition to Albion registered (1893)
3, Washington Gardner’s #1 Addition to the City of Albion registered (1892)
4, President Fiske resigns at special meeting of the board of trustees (1897)
4, Wiener’s Plat to the City of Albion registered (1953)
5, Kensington Heights Addition to Albion registered (1900)
5, Margaret Louise Starr born, daughter of Floyd Starr (1913)
5, Dedication of Knights Templar Hall at Starr Commonwealth (1961)
5, City Council votes 5-2 to sign a contract for a 134 acre, $1.6 million urban renewal project (1965)
6, 20 ton cupola added to Ferguson Administration Building at Albion College (2002)
8, Irwin’s Third Addition to the City of Albion registered (1892)
9, Public School Debate team wins Class B State Championship (1988)
11, Cornerstone for McMillan Laboratory laid at 3:30pm (1893)
12, City signs contract with the federal government to carry out urban renewal program (1965)
13, Locust Lane Subdivision registered (1960)
15, Albion celebrates winning the 1973 All-America City Award (1974)
15, Community vision kickoff breakfast, program, and flower planting (1999)
14, Plat of the Village of Albion registered in Calhoun County (1836)
17, Sheridan Park Addition to Albion registered (1907)
17, School Board approves bond election for high school east addition (1926)
17, “Discourse on a Decade” announced by President Norris at Baldwin Hall banquet (1963)
21, Dedication and opening of the new Albion Senior High School (1967)
26, Grandview housing project opened for first residents (1971)
27, Magnotta’s Assessor’s Plat registered (1953)
28, Voters approve $175,000 in bonds for high school east addition, 375-126 (1926)


4, Stockwell Memorial Library dedicated (1938)
4, President Norris announces completion of the Ford Foundation $4 million challenge grant campaign (1966)
5, Albion College awards Floyd Starr an honorary Doctor of Laws degree (1950)
6, Richard Day hired as rehabilitation officer for the urban renewal project (1966)
6, Last issue of the Albion High School paper “The Breeze” published, Becky Kammer and Hilary Dick editors (1980)
7, Shrine of the Woods built and dedicated at Starr Commonwealth (1936)
8, Albion College Trustees construct house at 400 1/2 Erie St between Dean Hall and the Kalamazoo River for President Whitehouse and his wife to live in (1959)
10, Albion College award Floyd Starr a special citation on his retirement (1967)
11, Wakelin Addition registered (1914)
11, Fairview Addition to the City of Albion registered (1919)
12, Epworth Laboratory dedicated (1916)
13, Silber removed and Jocelyn re-elected president (1871)
14, Clarence W. Greene appointed Professor of Physics (1904)
15, Brockway Addition to Albion registered (1910)
15, President Dickie asks Board of Trustees to establish a committee to find his successor (1920)
15, Plan of Woodlawn Park Addition No. 1 registered (1959)
16, William B. Silber elected 4th President of Albion College (1870)
16, Goodrich announces the Turner will and bequest of $330,000 made to Albion College (1924)
16, University of Michigan awards Floyd Starr an honorary MA degree (1951)
17, U.S. Senator James McMillan pledges $20,000 for construction of laboratory building (1892)
19, Board of Trustees elect Lewis R. Fiske president of Albion College (1877)
19, School Board awards contract to Miller-Davis Company of Kalamazoo to build new Harrington School (1956)
22, E.C. Thompson elected as 2nd Public School Superintendent (1877)
23, Orchard Park Addition registered (1950)
24, Albion College named recipient of a $2 million Ford Foundation grant (1963)
25, Jerry Sacharski named Starr Commonwealth athletic director (1942)
29, Grandview Heights addition registered (1927)
30, Deadline for completion of Urban Renewal project not met (1970)


1, Munroes Addition to the Village of Albion registered (1884)
1, Dr. Carl Brautigam becomes 8th Superintendent of the Albion Public Schools (1960)
3, Michigan Governor Aaron T. Bliss gives $21,000 to the college (1901)
4, Independence Day
4, Michigan Central Railroad begins service to Albion (1845)
6, Cornerstone of the Central Building laid (1841)
14, School Board president George E. Dean recommends plans for building a new high school (1921)
16, Marcus Burrowes, Starr Commonwealth campus architect dies at age of 79 (1953)
18, Wesleyan Seminary’s 1st principal Charles Stockwell marries Louisa Peabody, daughter of Albion’s first white settler (1844)
18, Bernard T. Lomas named 12th president of Albion College (1970)
19, School Board proposes $3.385 million bond for new Senior High, loses 990 to 792 (1960)


1, Superintendent Errington resigns, J. David Meyers named Acting Superintendent (1978)
6, David Randall appointed Albion College Chair of Chemistry (1919)
8, E.C. Thompson resigns Warren C. Hull selected as Public School Superintendent (1887)
8, Meeder resigns as superintendent, replaced by William Garrett as Acting Superintendent (1975)
15, Irwin’s Second Addition registered (1891)
19, President Dickie struck in the head by an interurban car on Superior St, takes several months to recover (1918)
26, First Presbyterian church dedicated (1857)
27, Benjamin’s Subdivision registered (1943)
27, Industrial Park Subdivision registered (1963)
27, Floyd Starr dies in his sleep from complications with pelvic bone fracture weeks earlier (1980)


1, President Seaton retires, William Whitehouse named 10th president of Albion College (1945)
1, Public School superintendent Brautigam resigns, replaced by James S. Lantz (1969)
3, Kent Visitors Center dedicated on Starr Commonwealth campus (1966)
4, North School opened for class, later named Caldwell School (1952)
4, East and West Halls and Dorothy McVitte Kresge Dining Hall dedicated (1956)
5, Irwin and Hodges Addition to Albion registered (1890)
5, Harrington School opened for classes (1957)
5, School Board awards three year contract to R. James Rynearson to be 11th Superintendent (1978)
7, Workers and students of Starr Commonwealth hold memorial service for Floyd Starr (1980)
11, Attack on the World Trade Center and Pentagon, plane crash in Pennsylvania (2001)
14, Family, friends, and neighbors gather for memorial service for Floyd Starr (1980)
15, Detroit banker David Preston presents $60,635 to Albion College (1873)
17, Albion Union Schools created (1867)
17, School Board approves renting the Community Church for newly arrived black children (1917)
21, Last service at Methodist Church at Erie and Ionia St, then march to Goodrich Chapel for dedication of new church (1958)
23, 14th Albion College President Peter Mitchell announces $2 million grant from the Gerstacker Foundation (2000)
24, Albion Meadows plat registered (1968)
26, Comstocks Subdivision of the Irwin Addition (1892)
28, Kresge Gymnasium pool dedicated (1938)
28, Haven Lane Subdivision plat registered (1961)
30, West Central Urban Renewal project officially ended (1972)
30, Inauguration of 13th Albion College President Melvin Vulgamore (1983)


3, Starr Commonwealth Founder’s Day, completion of Gladsome Cottage (1913)
3, Lena Cable hired as first teacher for black students (1917)
3, Dedication of Chapel in the Woods at Starr Commonwealth, Rev. Norman Vincent Peale speaker (1950)
3, Albion College faculty vote to establish a Liberal Arts Program in Management (1972)
4, Voters approve $2.5 million bond issue for construction of a new Senior High School by 1,288 to 1,187 after a bitter campaign (1962)
5, City begins to acquire parcels in the Grandview area through the urban renewal program (1965)
6, Dedication of Candler Hall, Norton Cottage, and Brueckner Building at Starr Commonwealth (1957)
6, Dedication ceremony for Kresge Cottage at Starr Commonwealth (1958)
6, Dr. Norris accepts presidency of Albion College, asks to keep this confidential (1959)
8, Fire partially damages the public Central School (1877)
8, Rev. Judson D. Collins first arrives to teach at the Wesleyan Seminary (1846)
8, Former President Lomas announces successful completion of the Bridge to the Future campaign to the Board of Trustees (1983)
9, Ground breaking for Wesley Hall addition (1954)
13, Cornerstone ceremony for Goodrich Chapel (1956)
15, Laying of cornerstone for Seaton Hall (1948)
15, Faculty votes against unionization with American Association of University Professors (1973)
16, Land speculator Ephraim Harrison purchases land later to become Albion (1830)
16, Barnes Addition to the Village of Albion registered (1874)
16, Cornerstone ceremony for Bobbitt Visual Arts Building (1965)
17, Whitehouse Hall dedicated (1964)
18, Pleiad scoops Norris’s acceptance and prints special issue (1959)
20, Segregated West Ward School closed, students sent to other schools (1953)
20, Groundbreaking ceremony for new Albion College science center (1967)
22, College dedicates new fraternity buildings and Twin Towers dormitory (1966)
22, Dedication ceremony for Gerstacker International House (1971)
25, Day 1: Inauguration of John W. Laird as 8th President of Albion College (1921)
26, Day 2: Inauguration of John W. Laird as 8th President of Albion College (1921)
26, Woodlawn Park Addition registered (1939)
28, William W. Whitehouse born (1891), Isaac D. Kremer born (1980)
30, G. F. Bunday’s Addition to the City of Albion registered (1888)
30, Addition #1 to Locust Lane Subdivision registered (1961)


1, Floyd Starr completes and signs the Creed for Starr Commonwealth (1913)
2, Bellemont Manor donated to Albion College by the Dean family (1962)
5, Second fire at the public Central School (1879)
7, Parade celebrating end of World War I (1918)
7, Proposition D passes returning Michigan drinking age to 21 (1978)
8, Dedication of Phi Beta Kappa chapter on campus (1940)
8, 2nd bond issue for new senior high school approved 1,211 to 222 (1965)
10, Armistice officially announced followed by another parade downtown (1918)
10, Bond issue approved for construction of “Northwest” elementary, later named Crowell (1953)
14, Chapel fund drive announced (1944)
15, Henderson and Hall’s Addition to Albion registered (1880)
19, Albion Chamber of Commerce Founded (1923)
20, Pine Crest Addition to Albion registered (1915)
21, Washington Gardner’s #2 Addition to Albion registered (1911)
21, First Albion College Alumni Homecoming Day (1919)
22, Delos Fall, President Fiske, and eight others present petition for closing off Oswego St  (1892)
24, River View Park addition to Albion registered (1911)
24, Hartwell Addition to Albion registered (1932)
25, Fire of unknown origin at Delta Tau Delta House aka 1101 Michigan Ave (1923)
26, Superior Heights Addition to Albion registered (1932)
28, Floyd Starr‘s wife and daughter leave him and the Commonwealth (1917)
30, Faculty passes resolution to eliminate the Preparatory Department (1909)
30, Electric interurban passenger service ended (1928)
30, Former Public School Superintendent Harrington dies (1961)


1, Acting Superintendent Garrett replaced by 10th Superintendent Garth Errington (1975)
3, John Ashley suggested at 6th President of Albion College (1897)
3, Pleaid announces 12th Albion College President to retire (1982)
4, Otto Zick’s Plat to the City of Albion registered (1959)
6, Delta Gamma Sorority asks for site to build a lodge on (1895)
8, Ground breaking for Knights Templar Hall on Starr Commonwealth campus (1959)
11, First sorority lodge for Alpha Chi Omega opens on Hannah St (1895)
13, Dedication of Albion College’s South Hall (1870)
14, President Seaton announces in chapel that Phi Beta Kappa recommends to award a chapter to Albion College (1939)
16, Inauguration of Lewis R. Fiske as 5th President of Albion College (1877)
16, Albion College adopts semester plan schedule (1907)
16, Robinson Hall fire (1922)
17, Methodist Church votes to create a church-college facility on campus (1953)
20, Samuel S. Kresge announces $175,000 gift to build new gymnasium (1923)
21, Professor Samuel Dickie asks Board of Trustees for permission to raise funds for an observatory (1882)
22, Albion College announces construction of Gymnasium (1891)
22, Emma Halberg voted first principal of Dalrymple School (1917)
24, Floyd Starr marries his Albion College sweetheart (1910)
25, Bohm Theater officially opened (1929)
28, “Six concerned taxpayers” file suit claiming school bond election was not legally run (1962)
29, Irwin’s Addition to Albion registered (1877)
30, Fire in main 1906 Central School portion of Albion High School (1926)

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