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Albion Chronology, 2000-present

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2000.Spring: College announces “Liberal Arts at Play” initiative.
2000.09.23: President Mitchell announces $2,000,000 grant from the Gerstacker Foundation …read transcript.

2001: Description of Albion.
2001.05: Albion Interactive first made available to the public.
2001.09.11: Attack on World Trade Center and Pentagon.
2001.11.16: Biography of renowned technologist Bob Bemer added.
2001.11: Barb Baxter of South Carolina helps to update Philo Taylor biography.

School Board:2001-2002, Kenneth Ponds, treasurer, David Moore, vice president, David C. Farley, secretary, Alfredia Dysart-Drake, Trisha Franzen, Rebecca Mitchell, Joyce Spicer, president.

2002: Alby Zatkoff creates Albion postcards web site.
2002.02: Trillium hospital closes, emergency services end in Albion.
2002.03: Albion College Media Board elects to not censor Pleiad web site archives despite controversy …read article
2002.03: “Friendliest College Town in the Midwest” and “Retirement Village” information added to Chamber of Commerce web site.
2002.05: Town Hall meeting on race and economics held at Albion Senior High School …read article
2002.03.05: Updated the Emil Leffler profile with help from Frank Passic.
2002.05.06: 20 ton cupola added to top the new Ferguson Building at Albion College
2002.06: St. John’s Catholic School closed …read article
2002.07: Harvard Industries formerly the Albion Malleable closed, 500 jobs lost.
2002.07: Albion historian Frank Passic publishes “Albion in the 20th Century.”
2002.12: Historic Knickerbocker Grain Elevator demolished to make way for health clinic.
2002.12: Albion College History Professor Wes Dick awarded $40,000 grant to study Albion

2003.09: Victory for Kids playground construction in Victory Park. 1480 people participate over 6 days.

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