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2000 March 18-26, Experiencing Residual Space

A multimedia installation by Albion College students in the main gallery of the Bobbitt Visual Arts Center.

A video filmed by Aubrey Thornton and featuring Kimberley Hoogerhyde used several sites throughout Albion to explore ideas of residual space and cleansing. Kimberly was shown sweeping at the Sheldon Luxury Apartment and the Union Steel Products foundry. Dressed to resemble a 1950s housewife, this theme of obsessively cleaning connected the time the video was being taken with the time that the sites were at their apex of utility and prosperity. Hoogerhyde and Thornton represented the cleaners who have since disappeared and been forgotten.

The themes of decay and abandonment were brilliantly presented making Thorton and Hoogerhyde’s collaboration one of the strongest of the show.

Another video piece by Marco Shadel featured a figure walking through Albion wearing a white protective suit and gas mask. The video alternates between the figure walking and the impressions of people observing the figure walking.

Source: Isaac Kremer, July 2003