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1953, Boy Scout National Jamboree


Twenty-three Albion area Boy Scouts participated in the 1953 National Jamboree held at Irvine Ranch, California. The Albion Malleable Iron Company provided the boys with a “miniature foundry” that was one of the most popular attractions at the event. The boys demonstrated pouring molten aluminum into molds and casting them as neckerchief slides in the shape of the seventh Scout region emblem. Scouts from other troops watch as Dave Farley pours the aluminum into the mold, assisted by Frank Rote (striped shirt) and Alden Hensel (far left). A finished neckerchief slide is presented to pioneer scout leader Dan Beard (left). Next are scouts Jim Pritchard of Homer, Dave Farley, and Don Henderson.

Source: Frank Passic. Albion in the 20th Century. Chicago, IL: Arcadia Publishing. 2002.