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1950, Description of Albion

With the arrival of Corning GlassWorks, Albion had, perhaps, entered the most prosperous period inits history. That same year, the Albion Malleable Iron Company announced plans for a new $1.3 million building.Seventy-six new homes were built, constructed at an estimated cost of $600,000. Michigan Bell telephone Company added facilities for 300 new subscribers. Additions were authorized for Dalrymple School and the AlbionArmory, and the Albion Gas Light Company was given a new twenty-five year franchise by a lopsided 958 to 20 vote.

As Dorothy Mitts commented, “The Corning plant was not only a boon to the city of Albion, but an important factor in the resulting economic value to the state of Michigan as a whole. The first year showed the company’s local payroll was nearly $3,000,000, adding $10,000,000 of new business to the area. Albion’s tax revenues were boosted $75,000 and the state got $100,000 more in sales tax revenue. The securing of this industry to the city was another edifying example of civic unity at work in Albion.” (Mitts, 112)

As a result of increased employment during the early 1950’s, there were numerous construction projectsand business expansions. The city directories summarize the growth:

1950- Corning Glass Works located here. Unemployment disappears as 75 new homes are built. 1,000 homes heated by natural gas.

Close to $4,000,000 has been spent on Albion’s major building projects.

1953- Home building program pushed as factory employment hits nearly 4,200 and then tapers off sharply. Interest in school affairs grows… extreme housing congestion as employment climbs. (Albion Michigan City Directory, 1955)

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