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1945 January 5, Launching of the Albion Victory Ship

During World War II, a massive ship building effort took place in order to help with the war and meet the needs of the armed forces. The Bethlehem-Fairfield shipyard in Baltimore, Maryland built over 400 ships during the War. One of these ships was named after Albion, the S.S. Albion Victory. The Albion Victory was launched on January 5, 1945 at the shipbuilder’s site on the Patapsco River, and was immediately placed into action. Albion Mayor W. Clark Dean and his wife Mate Dean saw its launching. Mate christened the ship. The Albion Victory operated continuously on military operations in northern Europe, the Mediterranean, Indian Ocean, and WesternPacific. The ship was Albion’s pride during the final weeks of World War II, and was used for humanitarian purposes by transporting refugees in the months that followed the end of the war.

Launching of the 22nd Victory Ship; Fairfield, MD, January 5, 1945; S.S. Albion Victory.

Albion Mayor W. Clark Dean and his wife Mate pose for this photograph at the launching of the S.S. Albion Victory.

Recent immigrant, Leon Padureleanu, 3, looks through a life preserver as the S.S. Albion Victory docks in Boston. Leon came from Romania with his mother, and American citizen. They made their home in Detroit. (Detroit Times, November 18, 1946)

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