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Albion Interactive History

Albion Interactive History / Events

1917, Description of Albion

Today we have a population of 10,000 or more; three miles of good pavement; a new lighting system with boulevard lights on Superior Street; a pumping plant that will take care of a city twice our size, new fire equipment, a new $70,000 PostOffice; will shortly have a new CarnegieLibrary; our factories are running overtime, with over 2,000 men on their payrolls; the old mill on Main street has been replaced with a magnificent bank building of which any city might be proud…

Albion is a city of homes. No very rich and no very poor people live here, but a majority of our townsmen own their homes, and consequently they believe in their town…

Source: Osborne, Frank L, compiler. Osborne’s Ideal Directory of the City of Albion, Michigan. Elryia, Ohio: Republic Printing Company. 1918.