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1903 January 16, “Jubilee Day”

The raising of funds with which to eliminate the debt prompted much rejoicing on the college campus and in the city of Albion. Friday, January 16, 1903, was designated as “Jubilee Day.” The college chapel service on that day was the occasion for six speeches by presidents of neighboring colleges, important politicians, and even an editor, but this was not the main attraction of the day. The jubilee banquet in the evening was attended by between 375 and 425 persons.. six dignitaries gave brief speeches including Gov. Aaron T. Bliss of Saginaw and member of the Board of Trustees, President Willard G. Sperry of Olivet, President Lewis Henry Jones of Ypsilanti, President A. Gaylord Slocum of Kalamazoo, Dr. William Dawe of Detroit, and the Rev. J.E. Jacklin of Detroit, assistant editor of the Michigan Christian Advocate. Letters of congratulations were also read. They came from U.S. Senator Russell A. Alger, U.S. Representative Washington Gardner, President Dwight Waldo of Northern State Normal College, an Albion graduate, President August F. Bruske of Alma, W. H. Brace, Detroit; Mrs. Clinton B. Fiske, New York; Horace Hitchcock, Detroit; Judge Clement Smith, Hastings, and a number of others.

The banquet was served at the Albion Methodist Church by the Ladies Aid Society. The meal consisted of consomme and wafers, roast turkey, cranberry jelly, dressing, mashed potatoes, escalloped oysters, pickles, hot rolls, fruit salad, brown sandwiches, ice cream, cake, and coffee.

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