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1880, Description of Albion

Superior Street was unpaved. any tall elms and hitching rails stood on the unpaved and often muddy street. Business was conducted in a leisurely manner. Some stores were equipped with telephones. Electricity for lighting was the latest innovation. The Old Stone Mill operated on Superior Street.

Wood sidewalks were in vogue. Stores stayed open in the evening, but there were few other night attractions except for religious services in churches and anoccasional one night stand of some dramatic company at Moore’s Opera House.

It was not a long walk from downtown to the outskirt of the city. There were only a few residences south of Oak Street. Irwin Avenue was still called Homer Road though Samuel V. Irwin had platted lots along it nearly a dozen years before. The old north end fairgrounds and track were just north of the Austin Avenue and Superior Streets intersection. Houses were scattered from Albion College eastward. Only four buildings were on the campus at the time. Latest feat was Dr. Samuel Dickie’s success in securing construction of an astronomical observatory five years before.

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