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The White Mill, 1876
    Business closed August 24, 1957

    Building destroyed May 1974

Many Albion residents may remember the structure of the White Mill. Manly Amsden and William Clark built in 1876. Even though the mill changed many owners after that, the words “City Roller Custom Mills” still remained visible.

An 1887 article of the Albion Evening Recorder revealed that a dive from the mill into the race below ended in death. In August of 1897, Prof. Harry Miner claimed to be a famous diver. Unfortunately, his dive took him to the ground and not to the water. His injuries were internal and after being bed-ridden and incoherent for four weeks, he passed away. The found out shortly after he died that his real name was Bert Belding, he was from Utah, and definitely not a professional diver.

After this accident, it was suggested that the city prohibit such foolhardy behavior like jumping into the race.

The White Mill stayed operational until 1957. Lloyd Keys had operated it since 1927.

Whole-wheat pancake mix, muffin mix, and pastry flour mixes were specialties at the mill. The mill site was also a cozy spot for relaxing by many townspeople and college students.

In May of 1974, the building caught fire and was destroyed.

Source: Amanda Campbell and Leslie K. Dick. “Old Mills of Albion, A Photographic History.” 2002.

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