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300-302 S. Superior St, Banking Block, c.1868

Block +
US Census Block # 34-304 (Block 61)

Style +
Commercial Italianate

Two-story brick building with an arched corbel table, and semi-circular window hood moldings.

Source: National Park Service; Superior Street Commercial Historic District Registration Form. Prepared by Lloyd Baldwin. October 1996.

Historic Preservation Notes +
Why cover the facade of this beautiful Italianate building with a 12 foot wooden tile awning? Removing this would be a good start. Then make the 1st floor entrances consistent by painting them a shade of green that compliments the red hue of the bricks above. Also, take advantage of the interior courtyard at the rear of this building. This would make an excellent private garden that everyone on the block could enjoy if taken care of a bit better. Remember this is where the wealthy 19th century financier James W. Sheldon had his office. Perhaps this building could be cared for a little bit better?

Past Occupants

The Albion State Bank was robbed of $25,000 on April 4, 1930 in a dramatic holdup. The robbers were never caught. The inset shows prosecuting attorney William J. Kearney, who was forced to lie face down over a hot air register while they looted the bank. The Albion State Bank closed on December 22, 1931, due to dwindling profits.

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