Albion Interactive History / 203 South Superior Street

Albion Interactive History

Albion Interactive History / Buildings / Downtown

203 S. Superior, c.1917

Block +
US Census Block # 34-309

Style +
Simple Commercial Brick

The first floor storefront has a white tile base band, with “Sweet Shop” spelled out in black tile and a recessed entry with black and white tile in a checkerboard pattern with the name “Nick’s” spelled in black tiles on a white tile background. Second floor windows are set in a band of five units. These windows are one-over-one and are capped by square transom windows with stone set in a diamond and cross pattern. An ornamental brick band and elongated pediment with limestone accents highlight the cornice line.

Source: National Park Service; Superior Street Commercial Historic District Registration Form. Prepared by Lloyd Baldwin. October 1996.

West facade with checkerboard pattern and the words “Sweet Shop” in black tiles.

Offices immediately off of Superior St entrance.

Conference room and detail of quilt, both on the first floor.

Door of the Albion Community Foundation on the second floor.

Plaque by the first floor entrance recognizing Albion Civic Foundation founder Thomas T. Lloyd

Source: Isaac Kremer, January 2004.

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