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201 S. Superior Street, Bohm Theater, 1929

Block +
US Census Block # 34-309

Style +
Neoclassical Theater

Builder +
Leon Claucherty
David Lewis Trine, plasterer

This “modern” theater has neoclassical roots in its division into three sections divided by four piers supporting limestone capitals and a limestone stringcourse, and the use of a simple architrave below a parapet capped by a limestone table. Recessed panels finished in stucco are found in the three sections above the first floor and below the string course. Within these panels are window bands of square-head windows with a brick lintel course capped by semi-circular corbelled brick arches. The central window group consists of three openings, the central window is slightly wider and features a slightly higher arch. This grouping is somewhat obscured by the marquee. The flanking window groupings are of five windows set in an arcade. The projecting marquee is a 1930’s replacement. Storefronts flank the central entrance to the theater. Ornamentation consists of terra cotta crosses above windows and limestone medallions inset into a brick band between the string course and architrave.

The Bohm family provided musical entertainment in the early 20th century. Their saxophone quartet was well-known throughout the state. Pictured here are Albert (1887-1960), Gustav (1897-1967), Mayta (1894-1950), and George (1890-1951). Gustav played with the John Philip Sousa band during World War I, and directed the Albion City Band. George also directed the City Band, and operated the Bohm Theatre in downtown Albion, assisted by his brother Albert.

Saxophones from the Bohm Quartet, stored in the attic of the Albion Historical Society.

Steps leading to balcony projection room, water damage in projection room.

Main Screen and ornamental carving over screen.

Recently restored organ covered with tarp and victim of water damage to roof above.

Theater manager in first floor projection room.

Ticket booth in entrance lobby.

Detail of south panel.

Detail of medallion in north corner.

Detail of terra cotta cross in panel.

Source: National Park Service; Superior Street Commercial Historic District Registration Form. Prepared by Lloyd Baldwin. October 1996.

Image Source: Isaac Kremer, 1999-2001.

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