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101-113 S. Superior, c.1868

Block +
US Census Block # 34-309

Style +
Commercial Italianate

Builder +
William Brockway

Past Occupants
Wochholz and Gress Grocers (Superior S 101-103), c.1908
Wochholz Fuel and Grocery (Superior S 101), 1943
George P. Griffin Hardware (Superior S 105-107), c.1908
E.C. Carrington Grocery (Superior S 109), c.1908
Randall Novelty Store (Superior S 111), c.1908
Sibley and Clark Grocery (Superior S 113), c.1908
Edgar J. Emmons Grocery in the old fire station (Superior S 115), c.1908
Hill and Young Shoes (Superior S 117), c.1908
Smith and Lathwell Tailors (Superior S 119), c.1908
Arza McCutcheon, real estation (Superior S 119), c.1908

A two-story, brick building of seven storefronts, topped by a corbelled brick frieze. This frieze has a lower course of dentils, a central band of triangular, stepped heads capped by a band of dentils; and a four-tier corbelled cornice, all in brick. Numbers 101-103 South Superior have square head window openings on the second story, which have been widened and carry added projecting pediments. The other upper windows of the block are semi-circular arched windows.

Source: National Park Service; Superior Street Commercial Historic District Registration Form. Prepared by Lloyd Baldwin. October 1996.

Source: James B. Field, Souvenir of the City of Albion, 1894.

Source: Isaac Kremer, June 1999

A tragic accident occurred on May 16, 1911, when a worker for the Commonwealth Power Company was electrocuted on a utility pole on the corner of Superior and Cass Sts. John I. Miller, a lineman from Leslie, slipped and fell across live elecrical wies and received a shock of 2,300 volts through his body. Rescue attempts were made, but it was too late. Millier died several hours later at the ciy hospital. Pictured at left is the unfortunate man’s body dangling from the pole with onlookers swarming below as the Albion Fire Department unsuccessfully tries to rescue him with their ladders.

A view of angle parking on Superior St., circa 1925. Notice the storm sewer drain in the center, with the interurban tracks curving by on the right.

Picture of the Verl L. Koon Hardware, 105-107 S. Superior Street, circa 1925. Verl is shown standing in the center with his wife Hazel on the left.

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