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Klare School Building, Industrial Arts, 1967

In March 1967, construction began on the Industrial Arts Vocational Building. As one reporter explained, “Themajor purpose of the new facility is to introduce the students at Starr to the world of work. As part of a broad pre-vocational program, the new structure has been designed to expose the boys to as many industrial and technical occupations as possible.” The sprawling, one-story building and its furnishings were the composite gift of several industrial leaders in southern Michigan who contributed both money and equipment as well as many of the ideas behind its development.

For the academic objectives of its time, the industrial arts building was admirably equipped. Under its single roof were a “metal centered shop” stressing automotive production and repair, a wood-working shop for both the artisan and the builder, and an elementary drafting room. It also provided administrative offices, three classrooms, and a general science laboratory. Today, after extensive revision in theCommonwealth academic program, the vocational center has been renamed the Klare School Building.

Source: Keith Fennimore. Faith Made Visible: The History of Floyd Starr and His School. Albion, Michigan: Starr Commonwealth. 1988.

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