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Kalamazoo River

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David Lewis Trine, retaining wall

The north and south branches of the Kalamazoo River meet in Albion, andcontinue on together to Lake Michigan. Early settlers called the point wherethese rivers met “The Forks.” This name wasused to identify the area known today as Albion. From Albion’s earliest days topresent, the Kalamazoo River has factored largely in the economic and culturaldevelopment of Albion. Pioneers built mill races,and used the river for pneumatic power, to run many mills built along the river.Today ten bridges cross the river. While needed for transportation, maintenancehas become increasingly cost prohibitive. In 1908 a floodpassed through Albion tearing down many of the bridges. With severalresidences built by the river today, and river walls that concentrate the flowof the river, devastation could be great if a flood of similar scale passedthrough Albion again. Despite the rivers sometimes awesome power, most often itis a scenic reminder of Albion’s early history

Source: Isaac Kremer

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