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German Lutheran Church, 1868
    Moved to new church 1958

Builder +
Carl Ludwig Schumacher

The story of St. Paul’s Lutheran Church is closely and intimately associated with the history and development of Albion. Albion was fortunate to have among its people a large percentage of German-born, ready and willing, and eager by scientific farming methods, to develop the rich country and farm-land surrounding it, while establishing for themselves a home. Some of this rural population, others from the city, staunch followers of the Lutheran faith, after a few missionary services conducted by one Pastor Wilhelm, were united into Albion’s Lutheran church and congregation, St. Paul’s.

It was on November 15, 1868 that this organization took place with 54 charter members. Its first building was a little wood structure moved to the present site of Superior and Elm Streets and re-constructed as a sanctuary at an expenditure of $880. The present structure was erected in 1888, some seven thousand dollars contributed by its members making possible this new edifice, which was altered and improved.

Again in 1928, with an expenditure of $16,000, it was improved into one of Albion’s most inviting churches with dignity and beauty and an atmosphere of rest and quiet, ideally located for divine service and worship. Ten pastors have served in its pastorate: Pastor Wilhelm, J.H. Voss, 1870; A. Schoonberg, 1872; G. Turk, 1874; O. Wuest, 1877; R. Hoeck, 1879; J. Fritz, 1887; J. Mayer, 1892; H. Grimm, 1905; A.G. Spiegel, 1911.

St. Paul’s enjoys at present an active (317), contributing (109), communicant (500) membership with close to one thousand souls. During then 62 years of its existence 1128 baptisms have taken plae, 512 marriages have been performed. 1144 have received the rite of confirmation and 631 deaths have occurred.

The present church officers are: Elders – Fred Gress, Herman Zick; Deacons – Emil F. Holtz, Robert Frank; Trustees – Edward Kotz, Henry Hobus, John Gilg; Treasurer, Berthold Lambrecht; Financial Secretary, Marcus Pahl; Secretary, Herman Bender; Pastor, A.G. Spiegel; Organist, Emma Pahl.

It has an affiliated organization a Ladies Aid society, a Brotherhood, a Junior Walther League, junior and senior choirs, double male quartet and an orchestra. Its Sunday School has an enrollment of 150, a cradle roll of 48 and a teaching force of 12 teachers.

Source: Rev. A.G. Spiegel in Miriam Krenerick, Milestones and Memories, 1932. 134-135

The German Lutheran Church was founded in 1868. This brick edifice was erected in 1888 at the corner of S. Superior and E. Elm Sts., at a cost of $8,000.

Interior of the S. Superior St. church. St. Paul’s moved to a new church building on Luther Boulevard in 1958.

Source: Frank Passic. A Pictorial History of Albion, Michigan; From the Archives of the Albion Historical Society. Dallas, Texas: Curtis Media Corporation. 1991.

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