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Leggett Chapel, 1919

The Leggett Chapel African Methodist Episcopal Zion Church on N. Albion St. was named in memory of Rev. Andrew Leggett. Leggett was largely responsible for the erection of the church in 1919, and met an untimely death that year due to pneumonia.

The Rev. Mr. Legett and some of his congregation at the Leggett Chapel about 1923-1924.

This photo, circa 1930, was shot by the late J. Clifford Smith. First row: all unidentified. Second row: First person is Rev. E.V. Price, probably Mrs. Price, Minnie Wingate, James Banks, Imogene Banks, Anna Banks, next two unidentified. Back row: Zebulon Pierce, Marie Martin, Fannine Mitchell, unidentified man, ernest Wingate.

Source: Frank Passic. A Pictorial History of Albion, Michigan; From the Archives of the Albion Historical Society. Dallas, Texas: Curtis Media Corporation. 1991.

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