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Christ Apostolic Church, 1951
    2nd Church Renovation 1997

In January 1951 Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Shaffer and Nannie (Patrick) Yates of Albion asked Rev.A. G. Anderson, pastor of Christian Temple of Jackson, Michigan to come and hold services inAlbion. These services were continued by another young man, who in April 1951 secured theV.F.W. Hall on Cass Street for Friday Night Prayer Meeting. In June he resigned and turned theleadership over to Rev. William R. Starr.

Rev. Starr organized a Sunday School and there were seven present, a group consisting ofBro. and Sis. Shaffer and their daughter Linda, Nannie Patrick Yates, Marie Fellows, Pastorand Mrs. Starr and their daughter Marcia.

Rev. and Mrs. Starr decided on the name Christ Apostolic Church. Rev. Starr was working forthe Secretary of State as a field man in Coldwater, Michigan. He asked for, and was granted, atransfer to Albion. The church grew steadily with people being filled with the Holy Ghost andbaptized in almost every service. There was a great need for a church building.

A site was purchased on Lincoln and Adams Streets for a new church building in 1952. InMarch of 1953 construction was started on the basement with work beginning on the edificelater that year. The saints labored for many hours, often in 100 degree temperatures. A dozenlocal firms and tradesmen worked on the building also. In 1955 the auditorium was completed.The block building had a large sanctuary, Sunday School rooms, nursery, dining hall andkitchen facilities.

In addition to Pastor and Mrs. Starr the officials of the church at that time were trustees ElickPatrick, Ernest Shaffer and Rev. Starr. General Fund Treasurer was Ernest Shaffer, BuildingFund Treasurer was Dee Patrick. Our Sunday School Superintendent and Secretary wereVernon and Jean Elkins. Church Secretary was Mrs. June Starr.

In 1959 Rev. Starr was elected Superintendent of the Michigan District of the UnitedPentecostal Church International after having served in the capacities of Youth President andSectional Presbyter. During his 28 years in office he also service as Executive Presbyter for theEastern United States.

In 1975 the Christ Apostolic Church was in need of larger facilities and purchased the largebuilding on Superior Street.

In February of 1987 Rev. William R. Starr departed this life. In March of 1987, his son-in-law,Rev. David Trammell was voted in as pastor by an overwhelming majority. He and his wifeRebecca (Starr) have 2 children Marcus and Farrah. In addition to having served as ForeignMissions Director for the Michigan District of the United Pentecostal Church, Pastor Trammellnow serves as Secretary for the Michigan District.

Our new sanctuary is a beautiful structure that will seat close to 500 people. This building wascompleted in March of 1997. It is a testimony to our community and the wonderful things God isdoing here. Pastor Trammell felt the need for this building quite a number of years before it wasbuilt. With the combined efforts of the members of the Christ Apostolic church, the vision hasbecome a reality.

Source: Christ Apostolic Church website,

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