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    2nd Church Renovation 1997

First Baptist ChurchBy Charles G. Bigelow

The First Baptist Church of Albion, Michigan was organized in 1837. The first preaching was in the year previous by Rev. Mr. Twiss and on February 21, 1837, the first business meeting was held in the Town School House located on South Superior Street, and Rev. T.Z.R. Jones, who was then preaching for the Baptists, was chosen moderator, and L. Crittendon, secretary. The first to hand in their letters were Thomas Z.R. Jones, Joel Taylor, Polly Taylor, Orris Clapp and wife, Lumen Crittenden, Experience Crittenden, John Coonradt, Magdalen Coonradt, Cythia Warner and Fidelia Phelps.

The first Sunday School was in the old Red School House about 1846. During the year 1849 a new Church building was planned, and on January 23, 1851, it was dedicated. This building which cost about $2,500 gave place to the present house of worship, the cornerstone of which was laid October 10, 1882. The audience room was dedicated October 12, 1884. It is located on the corner of North Superior and Mulberry Streets. In 1925, the Educational Building, consisting of twenty-two rooms was built, also the auditorium was enlarged. A new baptistery, dressing rooms and a kitchen were added. A steam heating plant was installed. The whole cost was $35,000. The church property is now valued at $45,000 a conservative estimate.

The parsonage is located at 116 Austin Ave. and is valued at $7000. During the ninety-four years of its history, the church has been served by thirty pastors, as follows:

Rev. T.Z.R. Jones, 1837
Rev. Charles B. Taylor, 1839
Rev. R.M. Baker, 1847
Rev. John S. Osborn, 1849
Rev. L.H. Moore, 1850
Rev. Aaron Potter, 1851
Rev. T.Z.R. Jones, Jan. 1856
Rev. P. Van Winkle, Apr. 1856
Rev. L.M. Wade, 1861
Rev. B.J. Boynton, 1864
Rev. Isaac Gray, 1866
Rev. P. Van Winkle, 1867
Rev. Isaac Horton, 1871
Rev. P.S. Moxon, 1872
Rev. A. Maynard, 1875
Rev. J.N. Lewis, 1878
Rev. L.G. Clark, 1879
Rev. J.C. Armstrong, 1882
Rev. George B. Simons, 1883
Rev. A.M. Waxman, 1886
Rev. Charles E Lee, 1888
Rev. E.T. Voorhies, 1891
Rev. T.E. Britten, 1893
Rev. Wallace Mays, 1898
Rev. Frank E. Arnold, 1900
Rev. C.E. Conley, 1904
Rev. T.G. Lewis, 1908
Rev. George E. Goodrich, 1910
Rev. W.E. Wight, 1915
Rev. Frederick E. Vine, 1919
Dr. William P. Pearce, 1927, who died in Paris, France, August 12, 1930
Dr. Robert Byler, 1930

The present membership is 400. The Sunday School averages nearly 300. The Sunday School Superintendent is Mr. J.C. Snyder. Charles G. Bigelow has been clerk of the Baptist Church for twenty-six years. The present pastor and wife are Dr. and Mrs. Robert Byler.

Source: Miriam Krenerick, Milestones and Memories, 1932. 132-133

The First Baptist Church was organized in 1837, and the congregation met at the Little Red Schoolhouse on S. Superior St. A wood frame church was erected in 1851 on N. Superior St., on what became known as “Baptist Hill.” The brick church pictured on the right was built in 1884.

Baptist Church, Centennial Celebration, 1937.

In 1975 the Christ Apostolic Church was in need of larger facilities and purchased the largebuilding on Superior Street.

Source: Frank Passic. A Pictorial History of Albion, Michigan; From the Archives of the Albion Historical Society. Dallas, Texas: Curtis Media Corporation. 1991. p 71.

Source: Christ Apostolic Church website,

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