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“Higher Grades” Building, 1842

1987 photo of the first “higher grades” building. moved to Duck Lake Road.

The first expansion of the existing facilities came almost immediately. At the October 10, 1867 meeting, the school board approved renting the old Presbyterian Church building on the southwest corner of W. Erie and S. Clinton Streets, for use as a central school to housethe higher grades. Salary for the teacher was set at not more than sixty dollars a month. The first teacher at the “higher grades” school was John D. Schiller, who taught his classes in the front portion of the oldPresbyterian Church building. The rear portion of the structure was used by Miss Jennie Flint. This “higher grades” school would have been equivalent to Junior High grades 7-9 today.

In March of 1869, the board learned that the old Presbyterian Church, which it had been renting, had been sold to the newly organized German Lutheran Church, and that the school would have to find a new location immediately. The building was thereby moved to the southeast corner of S. Superior and E. Elm Streets, where the present brick church now stands. The old church/school building was subsequently moved again in 1887, 7.7. miles north of Albion on Duck Lake Road, where it still stands today at 20065 27 1/2 Mile Road as part of a house.

The board was unable to find a new meeting place for the higher grades on such short notice: they therefore cancelled classes for the remainder of the 1868-1869 school year! In the fall of 1869 however, facilities were secured at the Engine House on S. Superior St. P9

Source: Frank Passic. A History of the Albion Public Schools. Albion, Michigan: E. Weil Publishing Services. 1991.

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