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North School, 1950
    Renamed “Caldwell School” 1970s

A bond issue passed on April 20, 1950 by a vote of 468 to 124, for $350,000 for the erection of an addition to Dalrymple School, and the construction of a new elementary school on the north side of town.

Around April 1952, a site was purchased at 1100 N. Berrien Street, and construction was begun on North School, which opened for classes on September 4, 1952. Architect for the Dalrymple-North Schools projects was the Warren S. Holmes Company of Lansing. General contractor was the North-Moller Company of Jackson. The Hunter-Prell Company of Battle Creek installed the heating andplumbing, while the Vandenburg Electric Company of Jackson installed the electricwiring.

An open house for North School was held on October 19, 1952, in which 650 persons attended. The total cost for the original building was $173,166. Because of the Korean War, prices for materials had risen, and the total cost of both school buildings had amounted to $441,666, well over the amount of the original $350,000 bond issue. To make up the difference, the school district had to transfer $96,000 from the contingent fund. In 1954, a north wing was added to North School; this section was opened for classes on February 21, 1955.

From the time it opened and for twenty-five continuous years, North School’s only principal was Frances Caldwell. At a surprise schoolboard meeting held in North School, near the end of her tenure, North School wasrenamed Caldwell Elementary in her honor.

Students at North School parade, 1958.

Raising of the U.S. flag at North School, 1963-64 school year.

Source: Frank Passic. A History of the Albion Public Schools. Albion, Michigan: E. Weil Publishing Services. 1991.

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