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Historic Designation +
Calhoun County Historic Preservation Plan, 1975
Report of the Historic District Study Committee, 1976
Albion Area Historical Architectural Survey, 1985
State Register Listed, September 14, 1995

State Register of Historic Places

Gale, Orlando C., House, ID Number P703
Photo Information: The Orlando C. Gale House, photo submitted 1985
Significant Dates: 1862-1890
State Register Listed: 09/14/1995
Architect/Builder: William Davis
Significant Person: Orlando Charles Gale

Narrative Description
The Orlando C. and Adeline Smith Gale House is a twostoryred brick hipped-roof Italianate dwelling with broadlyoverhanging eaves, a central cupola and a paired-bracketcornice, located at the northeast corner of West Mulberryand Eaton Streets in Albion. Facing south, the centralentrance of the square-plan front section, flanked by pairsof french doors, is situated behind a porch, which,supported by square posts with beveled corners anddecorative brackets, extends across the house’s entire front.Both the entrance and the double-hung sash windows boastraised brick surrounds and stone sills and, in some cases,denticulated brick relief arches and head moldings. Antae atthe corners feature recessed panels with arched heads andsupport paired brackets. An undulating brick dentil bandencircles the house in the shadow of the eave. Above theroof is a one-story cupola and a pair of chimney stacks.With two sets of French windows per side, the cupolarepeats the overhanging eave and bracketed cornice of thehouse’s main portion. Attached to the north (rear) end of thetwo-story main mass is a one and one-half-story gable-roofell.

Statement of Significance
The Orlando Gale House reflects the Italianate style,popular during the 1860s and 1870s, and demonstrates theowner’s standing in the community. In 1845 Gale and hisfather, George Gale, started a lucrative agriculturalimplements and hardware business in Moscow, Michigan,twenty-five miles southeast of Albion. Conducting thebusiness until 1853, Gale moved with his wife, the formerAdeline C. Smith of Hanover, Michigan, and family toJonesville where he entered into another hardware andagricultural implements business with his brother, N.Brooks Gale. In 1861, Gale sold his interest in theJonesville business to Horatio Gale, moved to Albion andheaded another hardware company started by his father in1856. In 1867, Augustus and Horatio Gale sold out theirfactory in Jonesville, joined O. C. Gale in his Albionhardware business, and started a small factory at the cornerof Cass and Superior Streets. The enterprise, known as O.Charles Gale & Company, manufactured a line of Galeagricultural products “known worldwide for excellence.” In1875 the Gale Manufacturing Company, a stock company,was established in Albion. It survived until 1968. OrlandoGale, however, retained ownership of the hardware storeuntil 1890 when he sold out to his sons, Elliot C. and O.Harry Gale who ran the store until 1929. In subsequentyears, Orlando C. Gale resided in Minneapolis, Minnesota,but returned to Albion where he died on February 29, 1912,at the home of his son O. Harry Gale.


Source: Michigan’s Historic Sites Online. Downloaded 2003.

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