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300 North Eaton, 1882

Style +
Transportation Building

Past Occupants
Michigan Central Railroad Passenger Depot
Albion Chamber of Commerce
Greyhound Bus Station and Amtrack Train Station

Historic Designation +
Calhoun County Historic Preservation Plan, 1975
Report of the Historic District Study Committee, 1976
Albion Area Historical Architectural Survey, 1985
National Register Listed, August 18, 1997

This Late Victorian style railroad passenger depot is a one-story brick veneered building with a cross-gable roof. Features include a bay window, and verge board trim work. Finials and creating are still found along the roof ridge. The building was restored in 1986.

Source: National Park Service; Superior Street Commercial Historic District Registration Form. Prepared by Lloyd Baldwin. October 1996.

The Albion depot has been a familiar landmark in Albion since it was erected in 1882. This 1912 postcard shows the exterior as it looked at the time.

Passenger service ended in 1970, and the depot was closed. Service was later restored, however, and the Albion depot was reopened in 1986 after extensive renovation. This February 1968 photo shows the interior of the depot, with Mrs. Al (Judy) Peters at the ticket window.

This is what the depot looked like in the summer of 1986 during the period of renovation. Workers discovered a design of white brick along the baseline of the windows after stripping the paint off the exterior of the structure.

The railroad business was booming in Albion, as shown in this 1919 postcard. Shown is the Michigan Central railroad depot, built in 1882. To the left is the water tower used to fuel the steam engines. On the far right is the freight office, a structure which burned in 1920.


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