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Historic Designation +
Calhoun County Historic Preservation Plan, 1975
Report of the Historic District Study Committee, 1976
State Register Listed, February 18, 1982
Albion Area Historical Architectural Survey, 1985
National Register Listed, February 8, 1988

National Register of Historic Places +

Robertson, Eugene P., House, ID Number P22690
Photo Information: The Eugene P. Robertson House, photo c. 1985
Significant Dates: 1865-1870
State Register Listed: 02/18/1982
National Register Listed: 02/08/1988

Narrative Description
The Eugene P. and Carrie L. (Torrey) Robertson House is atwo-story, brick-clad, Italianate residence resting on coursedashlar fieldstone foundation. The hipped roof house is roughlycruciform in shape with the fourth, rear “arm” slightly lowerthan the other three and covered by a separate, hipped roof.Three chimneys, two in the front section and one in the rear,pierce the roofs of the house. The Italianate style of the house isapparent in its broad eaves with paired ornamental brackets and”flattened” arch windows surmounted by incised hoodmolds.Bay windows project off of the front and one side facade.Immediately adjacent to the front bay window is a small, flatroofedporch supported by square, wooden posts. The porch andbay windows are notable for their bracketed eaveslines.

Statement of Significance
A well-preserved example of Italianate architecture, theRobertson House was constructed between 1865 and 1870 forprominent Albion civic leader Eugene P. Robertson. Robertsonwas elected mayor of Albion in 1890. He organized the AlbionState Bank in 1895 and remained president until his death in1916. Robertson also served on the local School Board and wastreasurer of the Board of Trustees of Albion College. The onlyknown exterior alteration to the structure was the replacementof the original front stoop by the present front porch in the1920s. The house is currently a private residence.

Source: Michigan’s Historic Sites Online, Downloaded 2003.

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