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105 N. Albion

Past Occupants
Gale Manufacturing, 1888-1968

Builder +
Carl Ludwig Schumacher

Historic Designation +
Albion Area Historical Architectural Survey, 1985
Report of the Historic District Study Committee, 1976
State Register Listed, June 18, 1982

State Register of Historic Places

Gale Manufacturing Co. Office Building, ID Number P22686
Photo Information: Gale Manufacturing Company Office Building, photosubmitted in 1982.
Significant Dates: 1880s, 1880, 1889
State Register Listed: 6/18/1982

Narrative Description
In 1866 Orlando C. Gale, two brothers, A.J. and HoratioGale, and E.W. Hollingsworth, a brother-in-law, establishedO.C. Gale and Company and began the manufacture of rakes.In 1873 H.K. White of Detroit bought a controlling interest inthe rapidly growing firm, which was then re-organized as theGale Manufacturing Company. The firm, which produced7,000 plows and 1,200 rakes in 1877, soon outgrew itsquarters and, about 1880, constructed a new plant. The GaleManufacturing Company, the city’s largest industry in theearly twentieth century, has closed down and the company’soffice building, built probably in the late 1880s, is the mostsignificant reminder of the plant. The structure now housesthe county mental health center.

Image Source: James B. Field, Souvenir of the City of Albion, 1894.

Gale headquarters on N. Albion St. from 1888 until its closure in 1968.

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