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The “Rock”, 100,000 BC?

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US Census Block # 34-118

Palenske Hall joins Putnam Hall and the Norris Center to comprise the college’s science center. Palenske is joined to Norris The Rock in the middle of the walk between North and Robinson Hall was the memorial to the class of 1899. Many times during the year in the dead of night, the Rock is covered with a new coat of paint, declaring the news of some event to the students. Over the years, it has been tarred and feathered, toilet-papered, drenched with gas and ignited, pelted with eggs, covered with shaving cream, manure, obscenities, political statements, birthday greetings, secret codes, Greek symbols, and chained naked fraternity pledges.

In 1962, an effort was made by campus administration to move the Rock from the middle of the sidewalk, where considerable paint spillage and footprints occurred when energetic students doused the Rock with paint. It took two tow trucks two and a half hours to move the Rock the fifty to sixty feet toward Epworth Hall. That night, a group of students, armed with block and tackle, moved the Rock back to its original location. On the subsequent evening, the Rock was moved by another group of people and buried to the north side of its current location, so that only about a foot of the Rock was showing above the ground. A group of the SORC (Save Our Rock Committee) resurrected the Rock from its burial location and put it in its current location, cementing around the base to assure that it would be more difficult for the Rock to be moved again.

Source: Albion College Archives, 2003 [Downloaded July 3, 2003]

Source: Fennimore, Keith. 1985.

Source: Isaac Kremer, December 2003.

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