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Kellogg Center, 1997

Block +
US Census Block # 34-118

Opening of the Kellogg Center created a new and popular place for people to meet on campus. Following the second World War a temporary student center was constructed, using war surplus materials. This situation was improved upon whenBaldwin Hall opened in 1951. Still, by the end of the twentieth century, Albion was having difficulty competing without a student center similar to those of other colleges and universities.

The Kellogg Center was built with financial support from the Kellogg Foundation. Plans were made to convert South Hall into a 24 hour student center. Construction took place through 1997, when the building was opened for students.

Pictures from the 1996 Year Book showing renovation/construction underway.

The Kellogg Center was created by cutting off the east face of Dickie Hall (formerly South Hall) and attaching a new addition to this facade. When completed the Kellogg Center balanced withVulgamore Hall, making an attractive ensemble of the three buildings facing Hannah Street, Vulgamore, Robinson, and the Kellogg Center.

Inside are several meeting rooms and office space. An area called “The Stack” is in the location of the former Chapel, on the second floor of the original building. This large two story meeting room with a wrap around balcony is a focal point on campus, used for meetings of the Student Senate, concerts, and other large group events. Other features of the building include a smaller living room, bookstore, post office, and information desk. The campus radio station WLBN broadcasts from a booth on the second floor.

1st Floor

  • Bookstore
  • Information desk
  • Large living room
  • Post Office

2nd Floor

  • WLBN radio station
  • Taco Bell
  • “The Stack,” Lower Level
  • Small living room, “The See”

3rd Floor

  • Campus Programs and Organizations office
  • Board room
  • “The Stack,” Upper Level

4th Floor

  • Study room
  • Two classroom/meeting rooms
  • Pleiad office

Two views of the first floor living room off of the east entrance.

Information desk on the first floor facing the east entrance.

View of tile floor at the base of the four story atrium.

Post office near the middle of the building on the first floor.

“The Stack”, former location of chapel services, today home of the Student Senate.

Original stairs leading to balcony of “The Stack.”

Second floor living room with “Thanks” picture for the Kellogg Foundation.

Hannah Street facade in fair and foul weather.

Source: Isaac Kremer, August 2003.

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