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Dean Hall, 400 E. Erie, 1936

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US Census Block # 34-219

Past Occupants

Mention of this structure in a college catalog appeared for the first time in 1929. The book for 1928-1929 indicated that the predecessor of thepresent Dean Hall was given by Mr. and Mrs. George E.Dean. It had been their own home. However, it burned in the winter of the 1936-1937 academic year and was rebuilt. Its cooperate-planaccommodations were enlarged to raise its capacity from the 26 women for the old structure to 32 for the rebuilt residence.

Source: Gildart, Robert. Albion College, 1835-1960, A History. Chicago: Donnelley Lakeside Press, 1961.

The Dean family of Albion, generous supporters and loyal friends of the college. (Note the George and Belle Dean portraits.)

Original Dean Hall destroyed by fire in 1937.

From the Albion College Archives

Dean Hall

Dean Hall, the campus cooperative house for women, was the original home of George and Belle Dean. Upon building a new home at Haven Hills Farm, Dean Hall was donated to Albion College in 1928 for use as a women’s dormitory.

On Saturday, February 27, 1937, fire swept through the house and almost burned it to the ground. The 24 residents moved into temporary quarters until a new structure arose in the fall of the same year on the same East Erie Street site.

In the 1938-39 catalogue, the entry read in part: “The new building, a beautiful, white structure of colonial design, has accommodations on the cooperative plan for twenty-six girls and a house mother.” (Albion College Bulletin, 1938-39, p.24) For nearly half a century it continued to function on that basis. (Fennimore, p.522-23)

All photographs are from the Albion College Archives Photograph Files, unless otherwise noted.


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Source: Albion College Archives, 2003 [Downloaded July 3, 2003]

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