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Locust Lane Subdivision, 1961

Registered: May 31, 1961
18 Lots

Registrants: Frank E. Dean, Jean DeVotie Dean; Dr. Jack F. Hill, Patricia J. Hill; Dr. Russell C. Rowan, Marian K. Rowan; William C. Neumann, Doris H. Neumann; Charles W. Burns, Helen K. Burns; Dr. Phil M. Henderson, Helen W. Henderson; Dewey H. Bitney, Barbara F. Bitney; Jack Booth, Dorothy Booth; Kenneth M. Booth, Helen Booth; Dr. Collis M. Spencer, Lorene H. Spencer

Blocks Included +
34-203 [partial]

Streets Included +

Elites from college and city protected themselves in isolated and protected subdivision. For remaining residents, largely could not afford to stay anywhere but the place they were at, which was typically decaying houses near factories, most built before 1940. At this juncture Albion began to pay price for poorly built factory housing and for bringing immigrants and migrants to the city as jobs started to disappear. Made an explosive mixture.

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